A cloud of innovation above Enschede

On Tuesday 11th and Friday 12th of May three stages in Enschede were stormed by facination, innovation, creativeness and eagerness. Concordia, De Kleine Willem and the Grote Kerk turned into the breeding ground were the speakers and visitors planted the seeds that will better our world.

Our phenomenal lineup of speakers captivated the audience, sharing their knowledge, vision, and passion. They challenged us to think beyond and explore new frontiers, sparking vibrant discussions and idea exchanges. Each participant was a valuable building block in the innovation puzzle, creating a better world.

From a robot playoff to an intimate talk with Rolf Fouchier to a tear from Bram Nauta – something special was blooming each time at 3 different locations on stage.

Not only did the speakers shine brightly, but the attendees themselves were true pioneers. From students to startups and established companies, everyone learned, shared, and grew. People stepped out of their comfort zones, embracing the adventure of the unknown. Connections were forged, offering unique perspectives and opportunities.

We look back at 3 amazing days were each and every person was challanged to think differently and grow!

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