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Dutch Innovation is committed to fostering innovation and creating a better world through value co-creation, masterclasses and events.

We are bringing together ideas, individuals and initiatives from various backgrounds and disciplines to create heartfelt value so people, communities and society flourishes

'Dutch Innovation' is more than a brand

Miraculously, there is no country in the world that claims its signature being the way of innovating and creating. We believe that Dutch Innovation is more than just a global brand. The Dutch way of innovation is distinguished by unique characteristics ingrained in the country and its people.

The pioneers who creating a fairer, more beautiful, healthier and smarter society do not ask for permission. They like to resist stalled systems and invent new standards, hierarchy is alien to them and chaos an inexhaustible source of energy. And above all; the don’t just talk. They do.

So, that’s why we created a manifesto for the doers. And those who DID. To guide and encourage the creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, inventors, change makers and investors who are transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. 

Dutch Innovation Manifesto

Embrace Chaos.
Conquer Bullshit.
Challenge the System.
Collab without Ranks.
Create Heartfelt Value.

Do Good. Love what you Do.

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A passionate community

At Dutch Innovation, we are driven by the belief that to solve the challenges facing mankind, we need innovative ideas that go beyond the conventional. In a higher pace.

Since our establishment in 2020, Dutch Innovation has been the catalyst for igniting clashes of talent, worlds, expertise and ideas. We strive to cultivate an environment that fosters fresh perspectives and tangible concepts. 

Our passionate community comprises entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists, all bound by a shared curiosity and a can-do mentality. Join Dutch Innovation on this transformative journey as we challenge the status quo, push the boundaries of creativity, and craft a future where comfort zones are not just expanded but redefined for the betterment of humanity. 

Where you, we, nature and our future can flourish.

Transformative journeys

We merge disciplines to fuel innovation, forging a path toward a brighter future. Empowering individuals, teams, organizations and systems in transformative journey.

We merge disciplines to fuel innovation, forging a path toward a brighter future. Empowering individuals, teams, organizations and systems in transformative journey.

Our role as Value Creation coaches for project teams allows us to discover creative perspectives and contribute to a thriving innovative environment. 

A collaboration with Dutch Innovation covers a wide range of transformative projects, from establishing a scientific institute that brings future knowledge and innovation to the public, to reshaping the positioning of innovation advisory firms for increased societal impact. 

We’re also actively collaboration with the Npuls strategy team and Transformation Hubs to pioneer digital education pathways embedding a ‘heartfelt value’ strategy. Furthermore we develop a people-first-strategy for a leading technology-driven company in the Netherlands.

Everyone who joined Dutch Innovation

Seen at Masterclasses, Innovation tours, Technology on Stages and so on

Technology on Stage 2021

  • Jamie Hyneman


Masterclass Storytelling 2023

  • Martin Koolhoven
  • Hilje de Boer
  • Stijn Bolhuis

Seen on Dutch Innovation Days 2023

  • Alexander Gunkel
  • Alexander Klöpping
  • Ali Niknam
  • André Mulder
  • Anna Gimbrère
  • Annemieke Koster
  • Arne Koefoed
  • Benito Walker
  • Bianca Zwart
  • Bram Nauta
  • Broodje Poep
  • Carlijn Kingma
  • Christoff Heunis
  • Colin Benders
  • Daniel Simu
  • Danny Frietman
  • Dave Borghuis
  • David Fernandez Rivas
  • David Lisser
  • Edwin Dertien
  • Emma van der Leest
  • Emma van Geel
  • Erik Kemp
  • Frans Timmermans
  • Gregor Noltes
  • Guus Dix
  • Gyula Rychtarski
  • Hille van der Kaa
  • Iris Cuppen
  • Jacco Borggreve
  • Jeroen Diepemaat
  • Jeroen Kemperman
  • Jessie van Hattum
  • Jitze Reeder
  • Joelien Walhof
  • Jorge Davó
  • Kaspar Rothenfusser
  • Lindsey Schwidder
  • Liza Rubinstein Malamud
  • Lucas de Man
  • Maarten Reijgersberg
  • Marc Sokpolie
  • Marieke Kamphuis
  • Maroeska Rovers
  • Nils Bader
  • Patricia Reyes Benavides
  • Puck Landewé
  • Ralf Mackenbach
  • Rasa Muller
  • Rick van Dijk
  • Rob van Hattum
  • Robert de Groot
  • Rolf Fouchier
  • Ronald Janse
  • Sarah Fittererr
  • Scharelly Emanuelson
  • Sefora Tunc
  • Sridhar Kumaraswary
  • Stephan Duquesnoy
  • Steven van Roon
  • Thomas Bollen
  • Tom van de Wetering
  • Wim Kees Jansen
  • Yj Erden
  • Ylva Poelman

Seen on Dutch Innovation Days 2022

  • André Roos
  • Andries Lohmeijer
  • Anna Gimbrère
  • Anouk Wipprecht
  • Antoine Peters
  • Bart Ensink
  • Bas Westerweel
  • Berend van der Meer
  • Bob van den Berg
  • Cara Louwman
  • Chagall van den Berg
  • Christoff Heunis
  • David Fernandez Rivas
  • Dem Icons
  • DJ Minx
  • Edward Niemeijer
  • Edwin Dertien
  • Emma van Geel
  • Erwin Houtzager
  • Esther Rodijk
  • Filip Jonker
  • Gearte Nynke Noteboom
  • Geen Poespas
  • Gijs Schalkx
  • Hermen Maat
  • Ines Duits
  • Jeangue Macrooy
  • Jitze Reeder
  • John Schutten
  • Joost Diepenmaat
  • Jos Wemer
  • Karen Lancel
  • Kiliaan Torenaar
  • Kristiaan Kuit
  • Liz Engelberts
  • Maartje Mutter
  • Marc de Vries
  • Marije Vogelzang
  • Martijn Pater
  • Mike Verkouter
  • Milena van Maasakker
  • Mitch Altman
  • Niels Willems
  • Nienke Bruggeman
  • Petra Hes
  • Pim Donderwinkel
  • Rick van Dijk
  • Rob Dekkers
  • Roelof Bleker
  • Ruud Kosman
  • Sarah Durston
  • Sietse Oosterhout
  • Thijmen Sissink
  • Thomas Winters
  • Tim de Kraker
  • Trudy Vos
  • Victor Mids
  • Vincent Bos
  • Wilfred van der Wiel
  • Yohan Runhaar

Seen on Dutch Innovation Days 2021

  • Alain LeLoux
  • Aletta Angels
  • André Manuel
  • Andrew Whalen
  • Anke Huiskes
  • Anouk Wipprecht
  • Bas Timmer
  • Cees Links
  • Constantijn van Oranje
  • Daan Roosegaarde
  • Daniel Syrtsma
  • DJ Duo CapeMen
  • Douwe Dresscher
  • Edwin Dertien
  • Eelke Eugelink
  • Emile Nijssen
  • Gerard van Vliet
  • Gregor Noltes
  • Hellen van Rees
  • Henk Kalk
  • Ines Duits
  • Ivar Hageman
  • Jaap Beernink
  • Jacco Borggreve
  • Jacques Steven
  • Jeroen Wijering
  • Jitze Reeder
  • Lennart Graaff
  • LudoWic
  • Mark Tuitert
  • Marta Belay
  • Martha Riemsma
  • Martijn van Dijk
  • Marysa Vos
  • Mieke de Ketelaere
  • Onno van Veldhuizen
  • Oscar Kneppers
  • Peter Paul Verbeek
  • Rebecca Bertram
  • Rick van Dijk
  • Ruud Verdaasdonk
  • Timo Roestenberg
  • Tom Veldkamp
  • Vera Engelbertink
  • Vincent Verhagen

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