Ali Niknam: A Shift is Coming

No more boring banking. Meet the rebel CEO that’s in for a ride, are you joining? What is the next step in banking? According to Ali a new shift in banking is around the corner.

Meet the banking trailblazer in fintech with a cause – non other than Ali Niknam! In 2012 Ali took the banking industry by storm when he founded online bank Bunq, that’s changing the game for customers all over Europe. But this ain’t your grandpa’s bank – no way, Bunq is a whole new breed of financial institution, and Ali is the driving force behind it all. The traditional banking system was in for a radical change, even resulting into a court case with the banking supervisor of the Netherlands!

The Best Bank

And boy, does he have ideas. Ali’s vision for Bunq is all about putting the power back in the hands of the people; “We want to be the best bank, not the biggest.” He created a bank that’s truly customer-focused, with features like instant payments, no hidden fees, and real-time spending insights. It’s all about giving customers more control over their money and their lives. In his talk he shows the benefits of AI for customer-focused banking and discusses his other radical innovative ideas intimidating traditional ‘suits’.

The Best World

Making banking better is not where it stops. He is a vocal advocate for sustainability and social responsibility, and he’s committed to using Bunq as a platform for positive change. From supporting local charities to investing in renewable energy, Ali is always looking for new ways to make a difference.

‘To Wake the Giant BUNQ: Revolutionizing the Financial World’ | Friday May 12th | 15:00 – 15:30

Want to hear all about Ali’s journey, his f*ckups, his success and his sketch of the future? Discover his next step here:

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