Planting an Art Seed in the City

Jeroen Diepemaat and Jacco Borggreve discuss the role of arts and culture in innovation and the responsibility of both individual makers and the government to support and promote it. They emphasize the importance of ecosystem and incubators to facilitate the connection and collaboration between artists and other professionals. The speakers also discuss the importance of […]

Dutch Innovators at SXSW

Arne Koefoed and Danny Frietman talk about how they met eachother and their current efforts in bringing people together with the New Dutch Wave during SXSW in Austin Texas and during other events spread over the whole world. Learn about their special friendship and what makes it work so well. Get an insight of the […]

Alexander Klöpping on creativity and AI

Providing various tools Alexander Klöpping discusses the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. Learn more about: image and text generation, personalizing content on platforms like TikTok and Spotify, optimizing work productivity, diagnosing medical conditions, and potentially providing unlimited memory for individuals. Alexander raises concerns about the potential concentration of power by big tech companies and the need […]

Frans Timmermans revealing the secrets of Climate Goals

Frans Timmermans stresses the importance of political willingness and societal support for technical solutions to effectively tackle climate change. He suggests combining long-term goals with short-term benefits for citizens, such as accessible energy transition options. Additionally, Frans addresses the need to redefine redistribution and create a fair society where energy-efficient housing is accessible to everyone. […]

Rasa Muller; The Beauty of Particle Physics

Particle physics are not a known topic to you and me, however we interact and encounter particle every second of our life. Get to know more of particle physics and it’s connection to time travel, with this interactive session where Rasa Muler will tell you more of research in this field in the small yet […]

Anna Gimbrère on Science, Space and the Stupid

Anna Gimbrère, a scientist and space enthusiast, presents the intersection of space and sustainable technology. Learn about the importance of space missions in providing solutions to environmental issues through collaboration and scientific development, such as GPS, space internet, and terrestrial observation of the Earth. However, she also addresses the negative impacts of space exploration such […]

How Innovative Bio-Design will Change your Life

Emma van der Leest is a biodesign enthusiast who explores the potential of living organisms in design processes to create sustainable and innovative solutions. in 2015 she founded the Blue City Lab to bring together designers, entrepreneurs, and scientists to work on ideas for a circular economy and emphasizes the importance of collaboration between different […]

3 Questions to Become a Successful Startup

In this discussion, Gregor Noltes shares his experience working with successful startups and discusses the 3 fundamental questions that every startup should ask to be successful. Using Swapfiets and Headspace, as examples of companies that identified customer needs and delivered a unique service. Gregor advises you on how startups identify customer needs, offer surprising features, […]

Healthcare of 2049

David Fernandez Rivas, Sridhar Kumaraswamy, Maroeska Rovers, Sefora Tunc and Christoff Heunis talk about what health care of 2049 could look like.

Backstage in the World of Hacking

Dave Borghuis, a software developer, and founder of Taxpayers Club discusses the meaning and history of the term “hacker.” Where did the term originate from? And why does it have such a bad stereotype? Dave believes that hackers have a curious mindset that is critical, creative, and allows them to find solutions by combining unrelated […]


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