Get Moo-ving with Margaret!

We are proud to announce that DID will welcome a very special guest his year. Hosted in her very own Wunderkammer, Margaret tells us a clear message. It’s time to Mooo-ve on and change the way we think about food.

But who is Margaret and what makes her special? Margaret is the world’s first stainless steel cow capable of producing milk without a living organism. Developed by Hille van der Kaa and Those Vegan Cowboys, Margaret is a game-changer in sustainable dairy production. The traditional dairy industry can have negative impacts on the environment, but with Margaret, we can create cheese that is five times more sustainable than traditional methods.

Dairy farming

Founder Jaap Korteweg, a ninth-generation farmer, sees Margaret as a logical next step in dairy farming. From hand-milking to automated machines, Margaret represents the latest technological innovation in dairy production. Don’t miss your chance to learn more about this exciting development in sustainable food production and come visit Margaret in May!

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