How Innovative Bio-Design will Change your Life

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Emma van der Leest is a biodesign enthusiast who explores the potential of living organisms in design processes to create sustainable and innovative solutions. in 2015 she founded the Blue City Lab to bring together designers, entrepreneurs, and scientists to work on ideas for a circular economy and emphasizes the importance of collaboration between different industries to achieve a sustainable future.

Her work involves the use of bacteria, fungi, algae, and enzymes to produce biomaterials that can be compostable. Imagine a world where your backpack changes color like a chameleon under the enchanting spell of UV light. Thanks to Emma’s ingenious mind, this dream becomes a reality as she taps into the mystical properties of bacteria, fungi, algae, and enzymes.

These fantastical creatures join forces to produce biomaterials that are not only compostable but also usefull in your daily live. She also speaks about the potential for developing natural coatings that repel water and moisture, as well as using microbes to even create sustainable food, beauty products, clothing, fabrics, and building materials.

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