Poop Sandwich Anybody?

The Pooptroopers are heading East! Meet Broodje Poep. A company that grows ingredients used in their sandwiches, from human compost! In their documentary Broodje Poep takes you on the journey to discover the potential of human feces. We are thrilled to welcome the Pooptroopers in Enschede, this May, to share all the magic of our own feces. Discover the potential of poop and pee in order to solve a global issue. Follow the process from poop to delicious sandwich.

We need loads of shit in order to clean up this shit!

We are running out of nutrients in our food production. Fertile soil keeps getting lost and we keep flushing down our rich nutrients with drinking water. We are stuck in a broken system of food circulation. Broodje Poep has the answer; to close the food cycle humans simply need to GIVE A SHIT (literally). Ingredients that grow from human compost is the solution.

Enlighten yourself about the farming from human compost and experience a shit load of thrills on Friday May 12th at DID. This experience is more than just an event, it’s a movement. Do you want to be part of it? Discover your next step here.

Psssst… Broodje Poep also has a surprise for you on Saturday May 13th… Come find out!

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