Revolutionizing the Dairy Industry

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Hille van der Kaa, one of Those Vegan Cowboys says working with a stainless steel cow is a no- brainer. Besides the environmental reasons, effincientcy plays a role. If we want to feed the growing population on earth, we have to change, because there’s just not enough space if we stay in this system.

Milk from grass is the answer according to Those Vegan Cowboys. On the other side is André Mulder of the Raw Milk Company that collects the milk local farms and turns it into raw milk with 0 antibiotics added. The health benefits of this milk include: skin inflammation, asthma, gut health and allergies.

Jessie van Hattum leads the conversation between these 2 pioneers with the same goal of revolutionizing the dairy industry, with 2 different perspectives. And what if we can make raw milk with a stainless steel cow?

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