TecHeart Afterparty

What happens in Enschede does not stay in Enschede – because the magic needs to be shared with the world. After 2 full days of eye-candy and provoking the brain in our Talks, Expo Workshops and Meet-ups, in the night Friday 12th of May all was let loose at the official Dutch Innovation Days afterparty: TecHeart.

With a delightful lineup where technology and art collide in unique ways – the Grote Kerk transformed into a stage were artists took over the city with headliner Colin Benders at the fore front.

Colin Benders (previously known as Kyteman) is the sole but far-from-lonely emperor of a monster 243-module rack, genre-unbound sound explorer, modular mad scientist to the bone, call him whatever you like it’s a fact: Dutch wave-tumbler Colin Benders defies the conventions of so easily tag-slapped electronics as much as his music confronts gravity itself.

After a laid-back yet captivating interview with our DID host of the first hour Jitze Reeder, Colin brought his facinating modular synthesizer and a ton of energy to the Grote Kerk where he and 350 others let loose.

All senses got challenged by the music of DJ Angie Mill, the visuals of The C-men, the fusion of man and robot with Daniel Simu and refreshing insights into VR from Black Brick researchers.

A night to truely remember!

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