Wunderkammers: inside the head of Dutch Innovators

Where do good ideas come from? If only we could walk through the minds of the creators of tomorrow… and now you can! In Enschede, seven rooms will turn into Wunderkammers filled with the dreams and fascinations of Dutch Innovators like Alexander Klopping and Hille van der Kaa.

What is a Wunderkammer?

The classic Wunderkammer emerged in the 16th century. Rooms of wonders where, in an undifferentiated mix of art and science, unusual finds of man-made works, rarities, and wonders were displayed. Arousing surprise and, of course, wonder for the observer is typical for these cabinets of curiosities.

At DID, Wunderkammers undergo a revival! Yet today, instead of curiosities they showcase the amazing minds of architects of the modern times, says curator Martha Riemsma. ‘DID creates the 21th century Wunderkammer of art, technology and science,’ she adds enthousiastically. ‘Physically, by building them together with entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, CEO’s, CTO’s, geeks, and other bright minds, and metaphorically, by meeting the brains of fronts-runners, game-changers and creative wanderers. Aren’t their heads the ultimate Wunderkammer of progression and change?’

Visitors can enjoy the Wunderkammers throughout the city center of Enschede accompanied by a podcast dedicated to the room.

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